Small Batch Club

Email us to be placed on the private Small Batch UV Wine list today. When someone is looking for a partner to craft with we can send an email directly to those who sign up to assist you in finding the perfect match.

Many customers feel that making a full 23L kit of an unknown wine is a bit scary. Others feel they'd like to expand their wine cabinet varieties to have on hand and have asked about doing a half size kit while processing on site. AGLC regulations prohibits us from keeping the other half of the kit on site or selling it after crafting. 

So we've found a bit of a solution... if you're interested in a half of a certain kit let us know. There is a running list available in store for you to sign up with someone else and share a kit.

Each client would be responsible for half the cost (kit, service fee, labels and foils).Both names would be on the paperwork and at bottling time you'd both arrive with 15 bottles and bottle the finished product. What an awesome way to cost save while building your wine cabinet.

This is a great way to meet new people with a wine crafting interest and a great way to build the variety of wines available in your home or to try a new wine that you've been curious about

Contact us today and we'll assist in finding you a great new friend through a unique small wine crafting club. 

Email to let us know to add you to the Small Club list.